Importance of PAN Card in India

PAN caPAN card i.e. permanent account number is provided by Income tax department to every income tax payer. But do you know that PAN card is compulsory and required by following authorities while doing financial transactions with them:

While opening a new bank account

It is must to produce a photocopy of PAN card while applying for a new bank account be it public/private/co-operative or other banks. However in the recently started financial inclusion program – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), PAN card was not required by participating banks. Check out PMJDY benefits.

Applying for credit or debit card

Quoting your PAN is must when applying for debit or credit card. Not submitting this will straight away result in application getting rejected. Credit card application rejection can cause problem in getting loan, credit card etc. in future and impact your credit score. Check out how to reasons of poor credit score.

Insurance payment

CBDT has mandated insurance policy holder to furnish PAN details while making any premium payment to insurance companies for amount exceeding Rs. 50,000 in an year.

Purchase or sell of vehicle

If you are are planning to buy or sell vehicle whose cost is greater than Rs. 5,00,000 then submitting a copy of PAN card is compulsory.

Buying or selling property (immovable asset)

Any property transaction for amount exceeding Rs. 5 Lacs requires this number to be mentioned in the property document. Buying or selling is impossible if you do not have this. In case, it is a joint property then PAN details of each person is required.

Jewellery purchase

High value jewellery purchase for amount greater than Rs.5,00,000 (5 Lacs) requires buyer to provide PAN number.

Fixed or cash deposit

Opening a fixed deposit account or cash deposit for amount greater than Rs. 50,000 at any bank requires the permanent account number. Failure to submit the same would result in TDS getting deducted at 20% if the interest amount of FD account exceeds Rs. 10,000 which is higher than the current 10%.

New telephone connection

All telecom companies have been mandated by Government of India to get PAN details of each applicant for normal or cellular connection to keep a tab on terrorism, extortion charges etc.

Investing in securities

Transactions exceeding Rs. 50,000 for equities/mutual fund/debentures/bonds requires investor’s PAN card.

Opening account at broker

For trading in share market, you need to open account with a share broker for which submitting PAN details is mandatory. Failure to provide this will result in rejection of your application.

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