Why do most youngsters prefer to live abroad rather than in India?

Abhinav Bhaskar, Mechanical Engineer,debater,social equality enthusiast

I would like to point out a few things . I have stayed in Germany for more than 2 years and i have a good mind of staying here (which was not the case when i initially came here ) :

Edit 1 : I came back to India .

The lack of empathy in common people : We, as a country do not need big malls , flyovers, best airports, fashion stores .What we need to do is to fight against poverty , climate change , inequality , farmer suicides .

Select City walk in Delhi

Bhalswa slum delhi Bhalswa Jahangir Pur

Pollution in Indian cities :

13 of the top most polluted cities of the world are in India . One can argue the veracity of the data, as China should have similar pollution levels .

List of most polluted cities in the world by particulate matter concentration


Very nice read

What is driving inequality in India? | Asia | DW.COM | 22.01.2016

Also listen to P Sainath’s lecture named Nero’s Guests :

But these things are never on the Government’s agenda . The problem is not just the politicians. Its the so-called privileged class which is so pathetically self-centred. I belong to the same community and I think it would be unable to see the cruelity on a regular basis .

Please try and understand that I am not trying to point fingers at people who are working relentlessly to make ends meet . I respect all of them but i think our priorities are completely misplaced. We disrespect the value of human labor. Anyone who is deprived of a good education can not dream of living a decent life because we as a society would not let him/ her. The value of education is also characterized by demands from the west.

Lack of public spaces : I understand that we have a huge population and finding public spaces is not that easy . At the same time, I would like to draw your attention towards the dilapidated condition of the existing ones. They have either been encroached by the real estate tycoons or have become breeding grounds for criminals, or better still garbage-collection-fields. I do not want to go to a mall or watch a movie, every time i am bored in my house. I want to go to a park , watch a river, see a few birds, play some sport. Indians have to pay a fortune for simple pleasures of life , which are completely free in Germany/west . A good vacation with your family in the hills would require you to book a private villa or if you want to enjoy the sea then you would need to book a resort with a private beach. These are things which are not going to change anytime soon because we are becoming extremely materialistic.

Education is a means of earning money : Nobody thinks of education as a tool to understand their societies/ surroundings better . A majority of people( very intelligent ones) continue to respect professions which are relevant for the west. Again i am not talking about people from families who have a hard time supporting themselves, rather well off people who are doing precious little for the society with their education.

Education system in India is adept at churning engineers and doctors but it fails to teach students to become better human beings . Social sciences are a field which have been so badly neglected in India that there has been no analysis of the breaking social fabric of Indian society. The people who spend time studying social sciences are considered to be useless by the society. Case in point : JNU Graduates who have been typified as people misusing government’s subsidy .

I will stop at that . I am ready for the brickbats ;)Thanks for reading .

Vikram Markiv
Vikram Markiv, Coldplayer, Bookworm, Movie Buff, Gooner, Civil Engineer

Here’s the reasons,
1. Better lifestyle.
2. Infrastructure, R&D facilities are less in our country. So many scientists couldn’t pursue their research here in India because of poor facilities and are forced to go abroad. That is the main reason why there are more INDIAN BORN SCIENTISTS won this & that.
3. Life expectancy rate is very low. Just look where our country stands in the following lists
List of countries by life expectancy
List of countries by Human Development Index
4. They get high salary there. Thats the main reason.
5. It’s easy to start a business there. We don’t have to bribe every officials to get permissions. India ranks below Pakistan in this factor.
Source – Ranking of economies – Doing Business – World Bank Group
(as of June 2014)
6. Better Education Institutions. Apart from the IITs, IIMs and the NITs
we don’t have much options. In order to get in those institutions too, we have to cross several hurdles.
a. You have to compete with millions others who vie for the same seat as you.
b. Even if you score well, there’s the reservations.

I am currently pursuing my masters in USA and wish to settle down here and not in India. When I was leaving India, I was sure I will come back and settle down in India but something happened in the past few months that changed my mind.

What is the most important thing for you to live ? No , it’s not love, happiness, food and air.There is something more important than that – a life without fear. In India, every alternate day a rape case would happen and the Indian media would sensationalize that news. My parents were always so concerned about my safety and always lectured me to not go out late at night, to carry pepper spray and what not. The fear of getting raped took away the freedom of all the women in India.
Here in America, atleast i don’t have to live in constant fear of getting raped. I have all the freedom in the world to go out whenever i want and to wear whatever i want. Even my parents don’t live in that fear anymore. True, that rapes can happen even in america but unlike India, the acused won’t be spared. It’s sad that I feel more safe in a country that doesn’t belong to me, but this is the country that has given me a life without fear and I would love to settle down here.

Though India is our home where our friends and family live, many of us have an ambition to settle abroad. There are many reasons like:

  1. The rat race for jobs India and prioritizing of education institutions on the basis of caste or religion.
  2. To overcome the typical middle class mentality of Indians that Pehele college, phir ek MBA, phir Shaadi, Phir Bachhe and the cycle continues.
  3. To kiss your loved ones in public and not become a victim of moral police.
  4. Also sometimes we feel that that the institution of marriage is not necessary and though there are laws for cohabitation in India but how many derive the benefit and the typical “dhoom Dham se Shadi Karna” which is a total waste of money and many parents just to show off others loose their life savings because of it but at the end everyone will receive is a marriage certificate. So, many Indians marry abroad just to avoid such hassles and use there savings for better purpose.
  5. To escape social stigmas for out-casting a woman wearing western clothes or short clothes or being outspoken as immoral or indecent,” but men peeing in the public are not considered indecent in India” or a man who does not follow a sport or is wearing colorful clothes targeting him as a homosexual by the community.
  6. To escape the agony caused by touts or 3rd parties for any court proceedings or for a business purpose.
  7. In USA, Indian community settling there due to prestigious jobs and high salary has easy access to a good housing society and buying swanky cars independently, whereas in India if your not a NRI, Ambani or Bribed public official or a Babu there is a very less possibility that you can buy a big duplex or a swanky car.
  8. India also lacks the Samaritan Law due to which accident victims on roads get seldom any help from public whereas the Samaritan Law in Europe and USA is very much developed.
  9. Blocking of roads for the creating the way for a politician to travel which obstructs the normal course of a person’s routine as that very day a person may get late to office or work or someone in an ambulance is waiting for medical treatment.
  10. I remember in one of the episodes of UTV Bindass’s Big Switch one of the contestants said that “Ajkal toh Paisa hi Bolta hai” and it is true. If we require to put in money as bribe for each and every work then why won’t we go to a place in a foreign country where we can have better lives and earn and save a lot.
  11. Lack of Public Toilets in both rural and urban areas.

Yes it is true that we want escape the competition for jobs and money in India and settle abroad because we live in a free world and everyone has a right to live their lives the best so there is nothing wrong in settling abroad if a prudent person things that it is best for him or her. Living abroad does not make us loose our” Indianess” as being Indian is a part of our genetic material and just merely receiving a green card or citizenship of a foreign country does not take away our identity. When an Indian achieves something great abroad for the benefit of the public, that person is always credited as a person of Indian origin. So we Indians no matter whichever foreign land we choose to stay, always raise the tricolour with extreme respect, glory and proud.

Ritinkar Dasbhaumik
In one line: Because the general standard of living is much, much higher in the West than it is in the developing world.

I don’t know for certain whether most people in my generation would rather live in the West, but it wouldn’t be surprising and is perfectly rational from the perspective of an individual. Du-uh.


The single biggest reason I can think of is Safety

Our government has failed to make Indian citizens feel safe. Crimes are common in every country, but the way they are dealt in India sometimes amazes me as in how any person can do anything just by giving his/her actions the color of religion and caste. Few examples from recent time:

  1. A Muslim person was killed by a mob in UP.

The reason: He was alleged to eat beef.

Govt. response: Lets check his fridge, did he actually ate beef?

Eating beef is sufficiently good reason ( acc. to govt.) to get killed in India.

2. Jat protests:

Behind this word ” Protest” women raped, car looted on Punjab – Delhi Highway, shops , cars , homes looted and burned. No significant arrests or precautions seen by govt. Even they have the guts to shut down gurgaon ( One of the biggest business hubs of India) for almost 3 days.

All in the name of reservations. i believe these “protests” where as lethal as Bombay terrorist attacks, but not taken that seriously. Estimated cost of this protest was around 30 cr.

3. Bham- Bham Bholae: Kavadheya

The biggest weed party of the world. By just saying “Bham- Bham Bholae” you can have unlimited access to “nasha”, privileges like blocking traffic, creating chaos and there is absolutely nobody gonna stop you because you are doing the work of god!

My mama is a police men, he once said: We are very happy when “Kavedheya time” comes by because the crime rate in Delhi NCR actually drops, as most criminals are busy with their march to haridwar.

I believe in India we have everything : ease of doing business, career opportunities, good infrastructure and good people. But for a middle class person who has mediocre money and power , he/she will always live in a constant fear for safety.

P.S : My elder brother just left for London leaving India forever. He used to live with his family in gurgaon. Had a good job, good money everything was fine. But going for night shifts and coming late from office to gurgaon home safely was a tough nut to crack. So they applied of a Gun, but application got rejected.

This made me realize, no matter how much I earn I can buy a big car but cant make roads and public commute safe, Can live in big houses but cant buys safety for my family outside my area of influence.

Satish Kumar Grandhi
Satish Kumar Grandhi, Engineer, Financial Analyst, Researcher,Spiritualist and decent chess player

Atleast, I don’t want to settle down abroad because I know INDIA has given me and it is just a matter of time before I go back.

The unfortunate problem with most Indians is they are only able to see the limitations in the country. They often tend to forget the subtle things that we get for free in our country.

As I always say, life is a choice and one should not force anything on anyone.

Siddharth Nayak
Siddharth Nayak, Taking Life One Step At A Time!


  • When a politician there goes for a movie streets are not blocked
  • Nobody will deny you a house on the basis of religion.
  • People want their children to be like Kobe Bryant or Michael Phelps or Michael Schumacher and not just Sachin Tendulkar
  • People don’t want to smoke cigarettes every time they go to the park for a walk (yes Mumbai’s air has been described such that if you move around for one day it would be

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