GST RETURN FREE SOFTWARE will contain following four files
  • Sample_files
  • Offline Tool User Manual
  • Readme
  • GST Offline Tool
1. Read the file Readme.txt before proceeding for installation. Double Click on GST Offline Tool to install the offline tool.
Important! Before you extract and run the downloaded file, ensure that the file is not corrupted.
System Requirement
To use the tool efficiently, ensure that you have the following installed on your system:
Operating system Windows 7 & above
Browser: You need one of these browsers installed on your system.
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Google Chrome 49+
  • Firefox 45+
  • Safari 6+
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 & above
Alternatively , for any below version the tool will open in a default browser.
This tool does not work on Linux and Mac operating system
Currently this tool is released for GSTR-1 form
Download, extract and run the GST Offline Tool to collate and upload the invoices and
other data in offline mode.


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