Changes in Income Tax Website

Now a day, there are continuous changes on Income Tax Website with respect to the access of Income Tax Website accounts by the users. Today, new Registration process to facilitate effective communication between the taxpayer and department has been enabled by the Income Tax Department. The existing e-Filing users are required to update their profile by logging into e-Filing account. Users who have registered already and not activated has to register again. List of changes are as below:
Change Number 1: New registration on Income Tax Website:

Earlier when we register on Income tax website for Individual assesse, than there was no requirement to submit bank a/c details. However, now, in every registration it is mandatory to fill bank a/c details:


​Change Number 2:​ Email IDs and Mobile Number:

Earlier when we submit the mail id than it can be used 10 times. However, now it can be used only 3 times. ​Same had been done with mobile number also.​

Change Number 3:​ Verification and Confirm Contact Details:

​On Successful Login, user has to update profile details before proceeding further. User must update Contact Details, Address details and Bank Account details. It is necessary to update the details. All critical communications by Income tax department shall be shared to Primary mobile number and Primary Email ID registered in e-Filing portal. The user can edit his details and click on the “Update”. OTP will be sent on the Mail id and Mobile Number both.

Image 2

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