Income Tax Compliance – Non Filing of Return

The CBDT enabled new features Compliance Portal under Compliance Menu. You can view this option after login in to Incometaxindiaefiling website.

COMPLIANCE 1COMP2Please ensure your compliance before get notice from department. The collect our income data from below sources,

i. Salary Income (NSL01)
ii. House Property Income (NHP01)
iii. Other Source Income (NOS01)
iv. Sale of Immovable Property (NCG02)
v. Purchase of Immovable Property (NIN01)
vi. Purchase of movable asset (NIN02)
vii. Investment (NIN03)
viii. Cash Deposit (NTX01)
ix. Expenditure (NEX01)
x. Securities Transactions (NTX07)
xi. Commodities Transactions (NTX11)
xii. Business Turnover (NBR01)
xiii. Business Receipts (NBR02)
xiv. Business Transaction (NBR03)
xv. Exports (NBR04)
xvi. Imports (NBR05)
xvii. Cross Border Transactions (NIT01)

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